Athan Smardenkas #575

Athan has a need for speed. He races with a fearless drive and relentless determination-and has since he was 2. It all started with a modified Powerwheels Corvette that he and his dad worked on together to achieve a top speed of 30 km/hr. He began drifting with this car developing his talents and showcased his skills at several car shows before his 4th birthday. Then he turned 4 and got is first quad and instantly wanted to make it faster to do "donuts" in the snow so he and his dad hit the garage. He also drives a Traxxas 4x4 Brushless 3 Cell LiPo RC that goes 100 km/hr with advanced skill and co-ordination. Now he has joined the CSRA world with his 2018 Yamaha 120 SRX Briggs 206. The motor was put in last week and he is excited for his first CSRA race in Lindsay!

Athan also excels in school, takes guitar lessons, and plays on a basketball and soccer team. This year he was called up to play in an 8 year old soccer tournament even though he is 6. He has a very supportive family and two younger siblings that look up to him like a hero... most of the time.

“He hates losing more than he likes winning, and there is a difference.”

  • #575 - Yamaha SRX 120 206

Chris Smardenkas (Dad) Joey Thorne Lewis Aivaliotis