Brian Dickson #649

Team Founder of Dazed N Confused Racing; Dazed N' Confused Race Team is a local, northern Ontario Group of group of racers, mechanics, pit crew and support staff. Based in Goulais River ON, the team has access to an exceptional riding season, loads of snow and an extended season (compared to other locales). Snowmobiling is more than just a sport, it's a way of life up in Northern Ontario. The goal of DNC racing is to bring exceptional value to its sponsors with lots of positive publicity as well as to get out and promote the sport of snowmobiling. Over the next few years DNC racing plans to expand its 120 and junior class racers and to develop a local junior athlete training program.

Brian has competed in the Trail sport division 2019 and is moving to Sport 600 for the 2020 season, He also has intentions of moving to pro-lite class through top 2 finish in sport 600 this season. Stay Tuned! Check out DNC racing and Brian at their website or on facebook!

Goulais River
  • #649 - Arctic Cat ZR 6000 SP R SX 599

Dazed N’ Confused Race Team: Other Racers; (120 class, trail sport class)

Head Mechanic and Coach; Cory Archer Crew Chief; Greg Long Social Media Manager;Jessie Dickson