Ellis Smardenkas #515

First year racing! Ellis has a need for speed. He races with a fearless drive and relentless determination-and has since he was 2. It all started with a modified Powerwheels Corvette that he and his dad worked on together to achieve a top speed of 34 km/hr. When he turned 4 and got is first quad and instantly wanted to make it faster to do "donuts" in the snow so he and his dad hit the garage. He also drives a 4x4 3-Cell LiPo RC that goes 100 km/hr with advanced skill and co-ordination. Now he has joined the CSRA world with his 2018 Yamaha SRX Briggs 206.

Athan also excels in school, takes piano lessons, Jui Jitsu, and plays on a basketball and rep. soccer team. He also races Karts through TRAK in the Briggs Cadet class.

“He hates losing more than he likes winning-and there is a difference.”

  • #515 - Yamaha SRX 120 206

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