Hunter Thorne #599

From the moment he could talk Hunter has woken up Saturday mornings to ask his Dad to take him to 'the shop' so he could check out the equipment. From riding around in a golf cart to helping Dad run the excavator, Hunter knows his machines. When he was 3 years old his Dad bought him a Kitty Cat and the rest is history. He first started racing an Arctic Cat ZR 120 that he and his Dad converted to a Briggs 206. His newest sled, courtesy of his Dad and Uncle, is a 2018 Yamaha SRX 120R converted to a Briggs 206.

Big brother to two little sisters, Hunter looks forward to showing them the ropes one day. He's saving the Kitty Cat.

Other interests include swimming, camping, baseball and all things outer space. His goal is to be like a UFO - now you see him, now you don't.

  • #599 - Yamaha SRX 120R 206

My dad Joe

  • Markham Mower
  • Race Spec Mods Inc
  • WMJ Barrie Welding Ltd
  • Raised Edge Inc
  • Brinks Property Services Ltd
  • MacKenzie Trailers
  • Kenco Construction Ltd
  • Rabcon Contractors Ltd
  • Sam Rabito Construction
  • Pro Racing Ontario
  • Goodwood Kartways
  • Colangelo Brothers Food Market
  • Lynx Machinery and Equipment Appraisal
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