Tyler Phillips #524

3 Years ago I received a Kitty Kat for Christmas and since we had no snow, mom and dad decided to take me to Wasaga Beach to drag race. I won against 120 racers and went onto win other drag races. I decided to try snowcross the next year and received a 120 Polaris sled for Christmas. Although, I was nervous, I really wanted to win 1st place and I ended up winning my first 1st place trophy at Georgian Downs and went onto win others. I finished 3rd place overall in Stock 1 my first year racing. The next year dad decided to put me in Briggs class, he told me not to worry about trophies just get used the machine, well I showed him and won 2nd place overall in Briggs Improved 1. I look forward to trying out my skills in the champ class this year.

  • #524 - Polaris 120 206
  • #524 - Polaris Champ 120

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