Zack Hackett #162

How old are you? 4

When did you start driving your snow mobile? The end of Christmas last year.

How old were you? 3 years old

What snowmobile do you have? Polaris

What is your favourite sticker on your sled? The FOX one.

Do you like racing? Yes!

What's your number? 162

What else do you like to do in addition to racing? I like to jump, to go to the states, I like school, I like my guitar, and I like to build Lego.

What's your favourite animal? All of them.

What's your favourite snack? Little bit spicy stuff.

What's your favourite colour? Yellow, all of them, I can't pick.

What's your favourite song? Cake by the Ocean.

Who's your best buddy? My little brother Drew and Ben.

What do you hope will happen at the races this year? I hope that I win and I get a box, like a present.

What do you want to say to your fans? I hope you will cheer for me and I'll be on the race track!

  • #162 - Polaris 120 120

Justin Hackett (Dad), Laura Hackett (Mom), and Drew Hackett (Little Brother).